We need Sub-Contractors.

                                                         So what is a Sub-Contractor?

It means that you are in business for yourself. We do not take out taxes and social security.  We give you all of the money you earn and at the end of the year, give you a 1099 which shows how much money we paid you.  It is up to you to file your tax return and pay any taxes owed.  We recommend you do that quarterly and can point you to an accounting firm that we use who is familiar with what we do. 

The great thing about being a sub-contractor is that virtually ALL your expenses are tax deductible.  Yes, all of them.  All the tools you will need to do the job, your telephone, computer, insurances, vehicle expenses or mileage, your home office space, any office supplies your purchase, everything!  You will want to save all receipts.  Anything that you buy through Lone Wolf is automatically taken off the top of your gross pay.  The 1099 will ONLY show what you made after deductions!  You just need to keep up with the rest of your deductions. 

So what exactly does a Sub-Contract Technician do?  Well first of all it is hard work.  This is South Carolina and it is hot out there and a lot of your work is done outside.  We operate 7 days a week.  We ask our sub contractors to be available for work 6 days, generally.  We have to be on the first job of the day by 8:00 am and we work until the jobs assigned are all done for that day.  We crawl up underneath houses and into attics.  We climb up a 28 foot ladder in order to access a drop from a telephone pole.

We are contracted with Time Warner Cable to do installations work.  Sometimes it’s a new customer who wants internet, phone and cable with 6 outlets and 4 HD Converters with a wireless modem.  Or it might be an upgrade to add an outlet or to add internet or to disconnect services. Every job you go to is different and you get to be out and about meeting new and interesting people all the time!  Some are in fine homes out on the lake and some are in trailer parks.  Great customer service skills are very important with this work.  Not only do you need to do a great job on each installation, you must treat all customers with courtesy and respect in all situations.


So what do you need to get started?  First let’s talk about training.  We will have you ride out with an experienced technician who has been doing this for awhile.  He will show you the ropes and help you understand what we do. Pay close attention and learn all you can from this guy.  It is important for you to learn to do things properly according to TWC specifications.  They QC our work and they are tough!  You will learn how to install an outlet, how to troubleshoot when an existing outlet doesn’t work; how to run a drop to bring the cable to the house, how to install internet and phone service.  The list goes on and there is a lot to learn!  Another thing you will learn is to move fast and move on. 

In addition to field training, a NCTI Certification is required by our contract.  Basically it is done via computer and then you go and take a test.  You must pass this test in order to proceed so it is important that you study and do your absolute best! 

By the way, although we do not pay for training, we understand that unless you are independently wealthy, you need to have some money coming in.  We will advance you up to $50.00 per day if you request it in writing each week.  This money is an advance and will be deducted from your pay.

Next, you need a truck or van.  You must have your own or you can lease one of ours.  Obviously if you lease one of ours your driving record must be really good since we are going to cover the insurance.  The lease for our truck is $135.00 per week. (Totally tax deductible) The lease payment covers pretty much everything but the fuel, including Commercial Auto Insurance, Taxes and Tags.  When we issue the truck to you, it will be in good repair including tires. If you are rough on the truck, you will be expected to replace the tires and any other parts that you abuse. We do oil changes and general maintenance in our shop, which you are responsible for.  If you wreck the truck, you are responsible for the repair or deductible.  We try to avoid getting the insurance company involved unless the repair is over $1000.  Our maintenance guy is able to fix dings and minor issues. 

If you drive your own truck, it must be in good working order and not wrecked….You will need to Commercial Coverage, with 100,000/500,000 limits.  The price will depend upon your driving record.  Contact your agent or we can put you in touch with someone we know in the business.  Your own vehicle is also tax deductible you can claim expenses or mileage.

Business Liability & Workman’s Compensation Insurance is required.  We will put you in touch with Jason Humphries at Affordable Insurance Solutions.  He will give you all the particulars but in a nutshell it costs $1350.00 per year for both policies and it includes coverage of tools.  So if someone steals your stuff you can get it replaced!  He is able to get you started for a down payment of $270.00 and monthly payments of $135.00 on a draft.  (Again totally tax deductible) We may be able to assist with the down payment if we feel confident in your progress and abilities.  This would be considered an advance.


Tools Required for the job.  We have most everything you will need for sale or we can tell you where to go buy it on your own. There is quite a list of things you will need including ladders and safety equipment.  We have a payment plan for anything you buy through us.  We will go over all of that with you.  Again, all the tools are deductible along with everything else.